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Award-Winning Campaigns

Featured campaigns recognized for excellence. 

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Interactive AR Mural Experience

Warrior, HBO MAX

A three-city mural experience in partnership with multicultural artists to create larger than life, interactive murals in NY, LA, and San Francisco featuring iconic images of Bruce Lee in front of elements that bridge the gap between Chinese and American history.

Clio Awards: 2023

Shorty Impact Award: Extended Reality, Event & Experiential, 2023

Social Video Promotion

Ian Lara, Comedy Show, HBO

Social video promotion created to recap the premiere screening event and further increase awareness of the comedy special and Ian Lara’s stand-up.

The Telly Awards: 2023

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Best Multicultural Event Campaign

Tokyo Vice, HBO Max

Employing the instincts of an investigative reporter like Jake Adelstein, the show’s main character, creators and influencers were invited by HBO Max to uncover a hidden speakeasy through a made-for-content scavenger hunt in L.A.’s Little Tokyo district.

Ex-Awards: 2023

Influencer Event

Gordita Chronicles, HBO Max

The premiere event brought the series to life through venue choice, 80s nostalgic decor, Caribbean food & drinks, music, and various on-site experiences to truly transport attendees to Miami in 1985, and what it felt
like to be growing up Latinx in this time period.

Ragan PR Daily Awards: 2022

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el hipnotizador.JPG

Best Entertainment Activation

El Hipnotizador, HBO Latino

To promote the premiere of "El Hipnotizador," a series whose central themes are ever present in the Latino community, we built awareness and drove interest with an immersive experiential event for the premiere screening at The Heath, home to Sleep No More.

Ex-Awards: 2017

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